Make your own music.

May 4, 2008


Fun for the whole family! Music-making is Small, right? No impact. Non-disposable. Kinda yesteryear. Husband and I pass hours at a time screaming out The Weight — he does a mean Rick Danko — and The Coasts of High Barbary. Oodles of entertainment.

This past Christmas, my friend Jill organized a recital. A violinist of great training and incredibly good humor, Jill teamed up with an oboist, and together they presented a series of delightful holiday-themed tunes. Oh, and she baked cookies, which we decorated pre-recital. That was cool, too. (ps. Jill: You can bake me cookies again, okay?)

Why don’t people do this all the time? If we don’t own instruments, why don’t we sing? Is this too Small? Too Kumbaya?

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6 Responses to “Make your own music.”

  1. J The M said

    I love this photo!

  2. Said Violinist said

    Cookies anytime – Molasses or Oatmeal? Thanks for the shout-out. :)

  3. Jenna said

    This reminds me of a family event I went to as a teen. While my parents were gone at the wedding & reception, 8 of us cousins were left in a house WITH NO TV OR INTERNET. Us and a piano. We had the greatest time!!

    I don’t know if my husband and I all by our lonesome could whip up that kind of vibe, but it’s one of my best memories.

  4. J the M: All these pseudonyms… Thanks for the kudos!


    Jenna: Shocking how much fun making your own entertainment can be. I say, try it out with the Man. It’ll at least be good for a few laughs, even if you don’t make a regularity out of it. Have fun!

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