Follow-up to Portland Thinks Small: In today’s Design & Architecture section of TreeHugger, Lloyd Alter reports on the teeny-living trend. Check it out.

Calling all cooks: Living Small is in need of winter squash recipes.

I’m terrible when it comes to seasonal eating. I bought an avocado a few days ago. I don’t think the Pacific Northwest has ever, in history, produced an avocado. Yet I wanted one, so I went to the store and bought one.

Ditto the satsumas I so eagerly await all year, grown by the solar-powered, certified organic Johansen Ranch in northern California, a mere 650 miles away as the semi drives. Yes, the Johansen Ranch is doing good by Mother Nature through its pesticide-free, energy-efficient farming practices. But who cares how energy efficient they are if I’m fueling the mandarin market (and a fleet of 18-wheelers) up here in the Great Wet North? Not to mention the clams I have to shell out for those little beauties — upwards of 13 bucks a box. Sure, they last me a week, but how sustainable is this practice in the long term? I can tell myself to eat in-season nibbles all year, cuz hey: at any point in time, oranges and avocados and those yummy-nummy berries are in-season somewhere, right? Ha. Nice try.
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Portland Thinks Small

December 30, 2007

After nearly 100 years of wax and wane, it looks like the popularity of courtyard housing is on the upswing.

In an effort to keep families in the city limits and out of suburbia, Portland, Oregon, is looking to increase population density and a sense of community in a way that goes beyond the typical skyscraping condominium (the road that my own metropolis is taking of late). The Rose City just closed out its too-cool courtyard housing design competition, which entreated architects from across the country to create a pocket neighborhood — that is, a group of single-family residences situated around a public greenspace.
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It’s a miracle. Well, so far.

While browsing Tricia Royal’s bits and bobbins blog, I came across this: Polyvore. It’s a user-generated database chock-full of fashion items, from Marc Jacobs handbags to Forever 21 tanks. Users install a bookmarklet that lets them grab images from anywhere on the web, then upload them to the Polyvore db. Boring? Au contraire.
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The Story of Living Small

December 28, 2007

The Move

We moved. It’s tiny — 509 square feet, to be exact. One skinny bedroom capped with a sleeping loft. A “great” room that’s about the size of a single-car garage. A kitchen that accommodates a cook-and-a-half, and a bathroom that accommodates — well, a commode. The icing? One closet, six feet long and 28 inches deep.
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