January 2, 2008

This is it: the historic moment we’ve all been waiting for. Crude oil reached $100/barrel in futures trading today. Moreover, OPEC states that its constituents may not be able to meet the demand for oil as early as 2024, unless they can increase production. Here begins the long goodbye.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, Design Glut has issued a set of Limited Edition Crude jewelry. A bit dark, but it could prove to be a lovely commemorative item, similar to all of those faux-gold-leaf plates featuring air-brushed Kenny Rogerses.

Really, though: what to do? Reducing car trips is a good start. Toting your own reusable sacks to the grocery store. Eliminating all of those tar-and-sawdust torches you make out of fresh-laid blacktop. But what of all the other petrol-packed products out there? Medicine bottles? Potluck “silver”ware? This darned computer? Perhaps we can start manufacturing our plastic materials thus.

Okay. So they made cheese. But the soundtrack is awesome. It inspires me, Chuck Norris-like, to get greener, even if it means manufacturing Macs out of mozzarella.


3 Responses to “$100/Barrel”

  1. i completely agree! have you seen the youtube videos: “The Story of Stuff” —> if not, you’d really appreciate them. I’m heading up to Portland this weekend, YAY!

  2. I have, in fact. For those who haven’t: http://www.storyofstuff.com.

    While you’re in Portland, stop by the Tin Shed for some biscuits and rosemary gravy for me!

  3. […] I wrote at the outset of the year, the ubiquity of plastic is a bit overwhelming. (Though I still turn to that most inspiring video on at-home plastic making, featuring a rad […]

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