The Energy (super)Star

January 4, 2008

Wowie! A singing washer/dryer combo, and it’s mine. All mine!

Husband and I purchased an energy- and space-saving w/d combo for Christmas. It arrived today, and despite the arduous unpacking and installation process (which included approximately 37 phone calls to my father and some Shamu-worthy waterspouts from the hot and cold snaky pipes), the LG ventless w/d is tumbling a load of washables right now! Not only is it Energy Star–rated, it’s tiny.

See the transformation:

Laundry Closet, Before

Laundry Closet, Before

Laundry Closet, After (No More Behemoth)

Laundry Closet, After

See? Lovely! It uses less water, and, because it uses super-scientific condensation drying technology — which drags moisture from the wet clothes and runs it through a heat exchanger and back through the tumbling drum — it saves bundles of kilowatts over conventional dryers. It’s remarkably quiet, too, especially when you are listening to Pagliacci in the background.

Wash in good health, all!


8 Responses to “The Energy (super)Star”

  1. Linda said

    I am impressed! I am going to check these out! Let me know how you like it.

  2. Penny said

    Very cool!!! So does it go through the whole wash/dry procedure with the press of a button?

  3. […] 5, 2008 Great things are arriving in the mail! First, our new energy-saving combo washer/dryer. Now, a late-arriving Xmas gift from My Sweetie, handmade by Etsy entrepreneur Sofia Masri. […]

  4. Linda: It’s incredible. We found ours at, but you can look at them elsewhere online as well. Good luck!

    Penny: It sure does. It sings when the whole cycle is done. Sounds like something from Super Mario Bros. We’re very happy so far — two loads and counting!

  5. […] first, I suspected the washer. Could it have foiled me by throwing in a capful of hot water whilst on the über-delicate hand […]

  6. Barry said

    Since it looks like you have gad this unit for over a year now, I’m wondering if you’ve experienced the slow degradation of drying efficiency that some other people seem to be complaining about. I’ve had to clean mine out twice in the two years that I’ve had it (see link attached for the DYI steps).

    Amazingly, I see people complaining angrily about this all over the internet but cleaning this unit out is MUCH easier than having to snake out a standard duct system for a vented dryer… plus all of that lint accumulation they get that has to be vacuumed out every do often. This LG machine is still the winner by far.


  7. […] little one-unit wonder-dryer is fantastic, but I’d love to cut our energy consumption. […]

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