Heavens to Etsy

January 5, 2008

Great things are appearing in the mail! First, our new energy-saving combo washer/dryer. Now, a late-arriving Xmas gift from My Sweetie, handmade by Etsy entrepreneur Sofia Masri. Here’s a picture of these cacao-wood–cardinal and chalcedony earfobs:

Sofia Masri earrings

If you’ve never checked out Etsy’s online craftacular, do so now.

You can search this bountiful eBazaar in a number of ways:

  • By Category: Art, clothing, ceramics, jewels, etc.
  • By Geographic Area: You truly can Buy Local
  • Even by Giftee: Dad, Gramma, your nephew’s 5th grade teacher, ad infinitum

Many of these shopowners use recycled materials — you’ll see a glut of thrifted and vintage parts and pieces. If you’re a crafter yourself, you’ll find loads of raw materials. Check out these cool metal flowers, for example. Pins? Pendants? You be the judge!

Or, if you’re into art, you too can be the proud owner of tericlaude‘s sylvan installation, made from reclaimed wood paneling and green shag carpet (raise your hand if this was the rug you grew up with — count me as one):

Rec Room Installation by tericlaude

Any Etsy sellers in the audience? Send me a link to your shop. Seen some cool crafts? Let’s hear about them. We all could do with buying fewer mass-produced, off-gassing tchotchkes and funneling more funds to those who are finding ways to handmake small-run objets d’art.


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