Happy Birthday, Elvis!

January 8, 2008

Long live The King!

Today, we celebrate the man who lived large and “died” larger. Here’s something fun: an Elvis Presley quiz, made-by-me! The first person to respond with the correct answers will receive a Hullo and a special prize! Good luck, quizzlets. (ps. Try not to Google, okay?)

Question #1: What song kicked off Elvis’ celebrated ‘68 Comeback Special?

  • A. In the Ghetto
  • B. Trouble
  • C. Hound Dog

Question #2: What starlet danced alongside The King in Viva Las Vegas?

  • A. Ann-Margret
  • B. Shelley Fabares
  • C. Connie Francis

Question #3: Who wrote the 1990 straight-to-video exposé The Elvis Files?

  • A. Steven Spielberg
  • B. Robert Vare
  • C. Gail Brewer-Giorgio

Question #4: Identify this room.

The ? Room

  • A. The Jungle Room
  • B. The Amazon Room
  • C. The Leopard Room

Question #5 (worth 1,000 points): IS ELVIS ALIVE?

TCB, ya’ll.


4 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Elvis!”

  1. Justin said

    1. (B) Trouble
    2. (A) Ann-Margret
    3. (C) Gail Brewer-Giorgio
    4. (C) The Jungle Room
    5. Ummmm…of course he is! I saw him riding BART just last weekend! He was rocking out to his iPod and hoping that no one would notice that trademark swagger.

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