And now for something you’ll really like.

January 12, 2008

Do some small living via the w.w.web!

I spy…TIME’s online, interactive green home. That’s right! You get to peek into all of the rooms and learn about how much CO2 the green-home inhabitants offset with their planet-friendly furniture and fixtures. Hoo-ee!

Game on! Check out Greenpeace’s trifecta of online mini-games. You can herd reindeer in Lapland (and save the beasts from “the Finnish paper giant”), airlift African elephants to poacher-free safety, and rescue Irrawaddy dolphins off the coast of Malaysia via a mine-exploding sub equipped with a boffo retractable boxing glove.

Calling all bookworms: BookMooch, an online book swappin’ community, and Eco-Libris, a site that allows members to offset the books they read by planting trees (5 books, 5 bucks, 5 birches), have just announced a partnership. Now, for every 10 trees you plant — or, for every 10 books you offset through Eco-Libris — you’ll get 1 BookMooch point, good toward “mooching” other users’ reads.

• For all those who can’t resist an Internet quiz: test your GreenIQ! Note: you have to hand over your email address, and you are offered *exciting* chances to receive ads for bamboo-and-hemp bikes and Nvey Eco makeup — but it’s still worth taking. And, if the GreenIQ doesn’t sate your appetite for eQuizzes, try out Conservation International’s test, which calculates your personal impact on biodiversity.

And, for the Fine: Ali G does the Green thang.


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