Extreme Eating

January 13, 2008

Today, The Ethicurean reports on a Mount Vernon, Wash., family vowing to go locavore — real locavore. The three-member Diaz-Elliott family put forth their promise to look no further than their own refrigerator at mealtimes for the next year.

Says The Ethicurean:

Proud dad Lincoln Diaz-Elliott detailed some of the ways in which he expects this effort to help save the planet: “First, we’re dispensing entirely with the need for plastic grocery bags,” he said, “or even paper ones. And the gas we save on trips to the supermarket can power the generator that’s hooked up to our strictly therapeutic hot tub.”

Read the full story here. I double dare anyone to top this awesome commitment to Planet Earth. Way to go, Diaz-Elliotts!


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