Turkey to Tofu

January 17, 2008

My friend, who shall for the purposes of anonymity be referred to herein as “The Choir,” just this week announced to me that he is going vegan. I was floored. The Choir = dyed-in-the-wool, carnivorous chef-grande. He has been known to stockpile two dozen+ chickens in his and others’ freezers. He eats lamb, for crying out loud. And now, he’s going whole hog, so to speak: he’s forswearing the Meats and the Dairy.

The Choir, I salute you. I consider vegan livin’ approximately once per month. As a vegetarian, I’m already halfway there, right? But I am weak. I can’t imagine The Good Life without cheese. Without cow milk. Without full-fat, roly-poly Phish Food ice cream. Call me old fashioned, but I believe that butter, like shelter, is a basic human necessity. You see? Weak.

Given his spotty experience with non-flesh–based foods, The Choir came to me for suggestions. So here we are, folks, a handful of helpful resources, both online and in-print, on veggie living. Have additions? Leave ’em in the comments.

First, my go-to cookbooks: How It All Vegan and The Garden of Vegan, by Tanya Barnard and Sarah Kramer, and La Dolce Vegan, by Sarah Kramer solo. A host of easy-peasy recipes that are magically delicious. Take them for a test drive by borrowing from your local library. You can visit author Sarah K. online at govegan.net.

Second, some links:

  • goveg.com: An activist-driven website campaigning for the vegetarianizing of the universe. Big PETA stuff. BIG. But there are some eye-opening factoids about the meat-processing industry.
  • vegan.org: Everything you wanted to know about veganism, but were afraid to ask.
  • vegweb.com: From recipes to coupons to product reviews. Some off the overexposed food photos in the homepage scroll-through remind me of Betty Crocker cookbooks from the 1960s, but I’m guessing the food itself is pretty tasty…
  • eat, drink & be vegan: The blogging home of vegan cookbook author Dreena Burton.
  • Vegan Lunch Box: Washington’s own Jennifer McCann, the author of Vegan Lunch Box, goes online.

There you have it. To The Choir: Cafe Flora, here we come!


4 Responses to “Turkey to Tofu”

  1. Lindsay said

    I’ve cooked a few things from “Vegan with a Vengeance” by Isa Moskowitz that were good and easy. The book has a kitchy “punk” theme, but her recipes are pretty unique, and even better, the book is recommended by Joan Jett on the back cover!

  2. "The Choir" said

    “Ahhhh-AHHHHH!!” Notice how those Choir-ish notes are emitting clearly and mucus-lessly (and music-less-ly, but that’s another story) from my mellifluous throat? THAT’S the benefit of a Non-Dairy lifestyle! No more endlessly clearing my throat and feeling sluggish after yogurt! I thank and salute Ms. LivingSmall for her and her taller compatriot-in-vegtarianism’s support for me during the nascent days of my new culinary choices. Cafe Flora was Vega-licious, and so was the largely-vegan Sunday Brunch offered to my body by Ms. and Mr. LS. Many, many thanks. Veganism might be better than Being Andy Rooney!

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