The Tiny House I

January 20, 2008

You’ve heard it before. I live in a tiny house. Before I moved into my tiny house — nay, even now — I trolled the World Wide Web, my domino magazine, and the vast and varied collection of the Seattle Public Library for hot tips on how to maximize my small space. The arrangement of my furniture is ever in flux. The tableaux comprised of our boxful o’ tchotchkes change with my mood and the occasion. Yesterday brought a kitchen–loft–back room furniture remix. Ooh la la!

So, in honor of my own dinky domicile, I submit for your approval a superfine tiny house slideshow narrated by The NY Times‘ Bethany Lyttle. Featuring members of the Tumbleweed Tiny House Co., as well as Alchemy Architects’ mod, prefab weeHouses. And, if that isn’t enough tiny house for you, check this out: the Saarinen-and-sauna–sporting Venturo prefab, courtesy of TreeHugger correspondent Lloyd Alter and mod*mom. Right on. Right ON.




4 Responses to “The Tiny House I”

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  2. […] The Tiny House I: Featuring the Venturo Prefab, the Tumbleweed Tiny House Co., and weeHouses […]

  3. I have just come across this site, and finding it interesting and informative.

    That is really a tiny home, for me it would be a little to compact, but one doesn’t know that in the future living on a different planet, then yes maybe this would be perfect.

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