Snow Falling on CSAers

January 23, 2008


We did it: We signed up for a wintertime Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share through Full Circle Farm, located in the rustic township of Carnation, Washington. As devout summer CSAers, we’re looking forward to reaping the bounty of our land throughout the seasons. Even so, I’m a touch nervous. Not only am I baring my throat to the unmerciful agrarian standstill that is a Washington winter, I’m paying out to a farming aggregate, of sorts.

Full Circle, a 200+-acre tract located approximately 30 miles east of my home port, uses an uncommon CSA model: though they produce more than 75 varieties of veggies on the farm, they nevertheless partner with other Washington organic farms to offer a comprehensive box of produce each week. And, in the lean winter months, they source organic foods from out of state. Granted, I haven’t been able to buy exclusively 100-mile produce at the co-op lately, so it seems that, if it’s a choice between purchasing British Columbia yams from Madison Market and purchasing them grower-direct, my $$ is better spent funding the farmer, yeah? Not to mention the fact that I can “manage” my CSA box online — declining certain veggies and replacing them with others, for example — which KOs the what’s for dinner? surprise. It’s kind of like going to the store without, well, going to the store.

We’ll see. An experiment, I guess. If anyone else has CSA’d with Full Circle — or any other winter and/or conglomerate farmshare — then come forth, ye millions. Lemme hear your veggie tales. (I couldn’t resist.)


2 Responses to “Snow Falling on CSAers”

  1. Heather said

    We like FCF as a winter fill-in here in Alaska, where good produce is hard to find after the CSAs & farmer’s markets close down.

  2. Heather: Thanks for the good review. We received our first box last Thursday, and we’re happy so far. Thanks for stopping by.

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