Apartment Therapy: Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan’s 265-square apt. Plus! My living room

January 27, 2008

Take a photo tour of Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan’s 265-square-foot NYC apartment, which he shares with wife Sara Kate and now-toddler Ursula. The Gillingham-Ryans undertook a renovation in preparation for the baby, which included a kitchen maximization, trading a larger dining table for space to accommodate a rocking chair, and transforming the home office nook into baby central.

If you haven’t read Gillingham-Ryan’s book, Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure, I encourage you to march into the library and check it out now. Another nice thing: it applies to all manner of spaces, small and big. Despite its self-helpy title, AT made me reassess my space in a few ways:

  • function,
  • form,
  • and impression.

By Function, I mean: How do I use the space? Moreover, how would I like to use the space?
By Form, I mean: How does this space reflect me and my Sweetie? What does it say about us?
By Impression, I mean: How do other people see my space? How does it make them feel?

Here’s a shot of my living area, taken from the mini-entryway. What’s your impression?

Living Room

*Should mention that the Gillingham-Ryans’ kitchen boasts custom bamboo cabinets by Henrybuilt, a Seattle-based cabinet company that recently expanded to New York. Hometown co. makes good.


    4 Responses to “Apartment Therapy: Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan’s 265-square apt. Plus! My living room”

    1. Amazing what can be done with 265 square feet…….how retro delicious!


    2. I like so much or presentation in Brasil last friday.

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