1 Mo. Down: The Year of No New Threads

February 1, 2008

Thrift store, courtesy of desc.org

I survived the first month. No new threads — and no used threads, for that matter — in January. 11 mos. to go.

Surprisingly, the challenge hasn’t proved as difficult as I first had imagined. While I haven’t achieved complete wardrobe zen, I have been successful in remixing my pieces to create a series of fresh-as-a-daisy looks. Perhaps it is because I’ve been noodling on Polyvore. Perhaps it is because I’ve been thinking more and more about the environmental impact of consumption in all its forms. Or perhaps it is because of something I read in one of my wisest books, 1938’s Better Than Beauty: A Guide to Charm, by Helen Valentine and Alice Thompson:

…occasionally one can find a bargain that is just perfect. It fits into your general [wardrobe] plan and it fits you….But, no matter how beguiling the price tag, think before you say, “I’ll take it,” [lest] your pet bargain…become your prize eyesore. Be strong. Drop it, as though it had thorns.

Truly, while avoiding new-new clothes equals eco-respect, the perfunctory visit to the thrift shop or even the offhand re-creation of potential castoffs equals mindless consumption, which, the way I see it, is the root of our environmentally taxing cultural climate. The nisus for newness, whether that newness takes the form of fresh-from-the-factory togs or gently used secondhands, powers a cycle of consumption akin to that unstoppable hamster’s wheel, spinning round and round and round.

Now, on to February. Wish me luck.


4 Responses to “1 Mo. Down: The Year of No New Threads”

  1. Leslie said

    You go, Sweetie Pie!

  2. Dude. I had a similar (or exactly the same) goal for the past month and basically failed miserably. Augh.

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