Heart Felt

February 4, 2008

This ain’t your preschool craft project! For you, some bits and whits on that most sturdy winter standby: felt. Made when woolfibers bind together (with the help of some suds, hot H2O, and a little elbow grease), felt can fix your ugly and/or ill-fitting sweater woes. Check out this wikiHow for felting instructions. (While these instructions call for raw wool, you can also felt a piece of knitted fabric, hence the icky sweater mention, above.) Then, have a look-round at Felt Cafe, a blog dedicated to all things felt, including my personal favorite, Animal Mascots Made of Wool: teeny needle-felted animals, including a postcarrier donkey and a “Rabbit with Doughnut.”

Fruity Pebbles: Felt Pebbles, from Uncommon Goods, in sumptuous colors.

Felt Pebbles

These were made in South Africa by a women’s collective. I’ll try making some with my knitting leftovers.

Washcloth Begone: It’s felted soap! Hubby and I gifted a few of these for Xmas 2006; the recipients went bananas for these wool-wrapped bars. Check out this soap-felting tutorial at Mielke’s Fiber Arts. No need for bathtub nappies when you’ve got one of these little jewels in-hand: the felt serves as a scrubbie — plus, it protects your bar from drips and drops, which prolongs the life of your soap. So, fewer washcloths, fewer soapcakes. Win-win!

Etsy-Etsy, I Love You: A few homemade wooly creations from our friends at Etsy, the online spectacle of craft and invention I lauded last month. Pins, pendants, and more from The Pensive Rabbit. I particularly like the Robin Nest Pin and the Felted Wool Snail — they’re like something out of Grandmother Narnia’s jewelry box. And itsy felted teddy bears in Lifesavers shades from Violet Pie. The Lemon bear is killing me.

Violet Pie’s Lemon bear

Do you know of any other felt-friendly Etsy shops?

From Bunkhouse to Beaujolais: It’s an army blanket — no, it’s a wine rack! Etcetera Media’s Felt Wine Rack, which I saw at Apartment Therapy, merges high altitude and high class, all in a flat-packed wrapper. I’m guessing a craft-wiz could create one of these lovelies from the remains of a used blankie from an army/navy supply store. Let me know if any of you so-named wizzes does just that. Course, even if you spring for a new one from Etcetera, you’re still spending green: so says the site, the rack is “made from naturally renewable and recyclable materials,” a.k.a., sheepfuzz.

Now, go forth and felt!


8 Responses to “Heart Felt”

  1. corey said

    You asked about other felt friendly etsy stores…

    you should check it out

  2. Corey: Thanks for the link. Love the felt balls, in particular. Keep up the nice work.

    And here’s one more Heart Feltable Etsy craft: A BACON SCARF. Check it out.

  3. Hey guys: Thanks to Apartment Therapy, we’ve got a handle on a DIY version of the abovementioned felt wine rack. Here you go.

  4. […] for other felteds, some Heart Felt links from me to you. Posted by livingsmall Filed in Craftopia, EcoLogic, Food & Wine […]

  5. karinfaucheux said

    love the felt pebbles… nice blog! check out mine at http://www.karinfaucheux.wordpress.com, will check back soon! k

  6. Hi there
    I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying your site and I was speechless when I saw this I can’t remember when last I saw or even heard of anything in felt, I just love those pebbles, and wow to see that they are made by someone in South Africa, even better. That made me so proud that it was mentioned here.

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