Neat-o! BioD Polymer

February 6, 2008

From the NY Gift Fair: EcoGen, a biodegradable polymer used to house toiletries. See?

EcoGen toothbrush holder

According to Aaron at Apartment Therapy, this hot little product comes to life by way of bacteria, which transform hand-fed sugars into a compound called poly-3-hydroxy butyrate-co-valerate, or PHBV for short. Scientists then extract the PHBV from the bacteria (think liposuction), stir it up with some other bioD compounds, and voila! A polymer that goes in yer compost bin, no toxics included, so says the EcoGen site.

The polymer first was developed by British scientists in the late 1980s, but recent advances have made mass production feasible. And mass production it is: the line will be available exclusively at The Container Store in April.

And, if you need a crunchy toothbrush to go with your new compostable tb holder, never fear! Find one at Caswell-Massey, Colonial Medical Assisted Devices (I know, sounds like scary Williamsburg), or Squeaky Monroe.


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