Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

February 9, 2008

It’s caucus day in Washington. This afternoon, I joined more than 10 score of my neighbors at a local elementary school to cast my vote for the upcoming Democratic Party nominee. And what an invigorating experience it was. So many folks from the ‘hood. I met my neighbors. I made democracy with them. Communal, yes. My forefathers would be proud.

What’s more, caucusers beyond the school’s capacity showed up to vote, so Husband and I, along with hundreds of others who already had signed on for one runner or another, elected to leave, that the crowds could set down their selections for the next Dem presidential candidate.

To me, living small doesn’t only mean making your own clothes and eating local food and supporting small bizness. It means participating in the community. Taking part in small urbanism (or ruralism, if that’s apropos). And the caucus, the gathering together of neighbors to make political decisions, exemplifies that perfectly.

On a side note: Remember the caucus-race from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland? A bit cheeky. Check it out at The Letter Z.

Here’s to neighborly politics.


3 Responses to “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”

  1. demelza said

    Thanks for putting into words my exact sentiments about the voting experience in a small community. Love your blog. Really hits (small) home with me.

  2. Demelza,

    Thank you. Good to hear from others who’ve been connecting with folks through the old democratic process.

  3. […] so I’m way into community communing and neighborhood news (one of the pinnacles of living Small, right?). Naturally, I subscribe to […]

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