O Attic shape!

February 10, 2008

Fair attitude, indeed. Check out what the Dwell blog uncovered at The Cool Hunter: attics get awesome in this featurette on that oft-underused space at the topmost crook of your house. See how a few designers have transformed the ooky triangle into happenin’ pads fit for dozing, dining, and even deterging. Here’s one:


Gotta love the exposed brick shower and that Le Corbusier chair in the bg. And that light! How anti-attic.

In my own home, the original attic area was cleared out to make room for a sleeping loft. Not quite the airy aeries scouted by The Cool Hunter, but a space-saver nonetheless. Anybody else with vertical small space solutions?


2 Responses to “O Attic shape!”

  1. demelza said

    In our tiny house, what used to be space under the sloped eaves was converted into a second story of so-called usable space by someone over the course of the 72 years since the house was built. When we moved in, the house had two tiny bedrooms (about 7×15 feet), with ceilings low enough (especially under the slope) that the door to one room had actually gouged a whole in the hideous dropped ceiling. We gutted the rooms, tearing out all kinds of weird decisions previous owners had made, including the dropped ceilings. Our budget didn’t allow for expansion, but the best space saver was the installation of pocket doors. My husband also coverted two cheapie Ikea dressers into “built-ins” and even managed to squeeze in a little closet between them, with a glass front door salvaged from a useless corner cupboard we ripped out of the small dining room. 7×15 is still tiny, but we get to use every inch of it. And not surprisingly, the bedrooms, now insulated, painted, etc., are the coziest rooms I’ve ever slept in.

  2. It’s amazing what we can do with a little imagination and hard work. Any pictures yet?

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