Flash Fiction: The Smallest Stories on Earth

February 16, 2008

For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn.

This extra-short story, credited to Ernest Hemingway, has begotten an entire genre: flash fiction. Characterized by its pith and punch, flash fiction requires an author to write as Small as possible. (Capice? Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t.)

Inspired by SMITH Magazine‘s recent collection of micro-memoirs, Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure, TreeHugger and SMITH are sponsoring a six-word green memoir contest. It runs through Monday, Feb. 18; prizes include a copy of Not Quite, a Planet Earth DVD set, and an iPod Nano (get it? Nano?) engraved with the winner’s miniature life story. Some of the entries so far:

Fired: “You’re overly concerned with ethics.” (J.B. Hustwit)

Not if I can’t lick it. (Sarah Tuttle)

Trading economy for ecology loses both. (MarkE)

Perhaps less compelling than Hemingway’s, but a good show all ’round. What’s your six-word autobio?


5 Responses to “Flash Fiction: The Smallest Stories on Earth”

  1. Guy Hogan said

    Love? She screamed and I ran.

  2. Ha! Nice work. And, for anyone who’s damning him or herself for missing the contest deadline, never fear: you now have until Feb. 25 to submit your six words. Good luck!

  3. […] blogging flash fiction in Feb., haiku seems positively epic. But, if you’re interested in writing small, test it […]

  4. maxwelljay said

    “We’re going to…” And they crashed.

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