Local Color

February 25, 2008

You know, there’s a story behind everything. So observes photography wunderkind Kristy (a.k.a., Wreckless Girl) today re: a dilapidated Victorian house at the heart of her Oregon hometown:

I came across this beautiful house downtown a few months ago. I kept trying to remind myself to shoot there….I love shooting at abandoned or destroyed places like this for this very reason: every location tells a story. Usually, when I pull up to a place like this, my clients look at me like I’m crazy. But I assure them, “trust me, it’s gonna work perfectly.” And they’re always pleased with the final product.

(ps. Get a peek at the final product on her site. Trust me: you won’t be sorry.)

Have you ever wondered about the Small stories behind your hometown? The falling-down buildings, the washed-out railroad tracks? What colors your community?


3 Responses to “Local Color”

  1. thank you, thank you, thank you for passing along this story! honestly, everyone is so quick to pass by or tear down the old to make way for the pristine brand new. i consider myself lucky to be surrounded by the archives of old since we have SO much space yet to be explored with beautiful abandoned or restored homes and buildings.

  2. […] been thinking about Small photos in another sense: the community sense. The hometown sense. The this-place-has-a-story sense. What can we glean from photos of our own city streets? Of the people who walk on them? Of […]

  3. […] you may have deduced, I revere old things. Storied things, with all their bumps and bruises. A cat-shaped bottle of long-gone Avon perfume that Mommo kept on […]

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