2 Mos. Down: The Year of No New Threads

March 1, 2008

February’s passed, but I may have fallen from grace this month. Or, at least, stumbled a little. The Value Village President’s Day 50% Off sale drew me like Axl Rose to snakeskin. Nothing new, per the original contract, but I did get some used goods from the Double V. Here’s the rundown, both visual and in-text:

tan tweed jacketbutterfly dressteal jacketBaroque shirt + The Gjewels

  • Tan tweed circa-’70s jacket: $5
  • Silk sheath-dress with asymmetrical button placket, big-beautiful puff sleeves, and a stylized butterfly print: $3.50
  • Teal cropped corduroy jacket: $3.50
  • Teal waffle-knit shirt with white and gold Baroque print, behind Gulliver the cat: $3.50
  • Two plastic-bead cream necklaces: $1, a wood bangle: $1.50, and (my high-roller item) a cream and gold Coro choker: $7.50

I also purchased a vintage maxi dress to refashion, which set me back $3.50. More on that project later.

So. Sum total of $29. Let’s hope March Madness doesn’t descend upon me, sartorially speaking.

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One Response to “2 Mos. Down: The Year of No New Threads”

  1. linda said

    I can do this! I think I can! I love stuff (mostly pre-owned), but I’ve given a lot of thought into the energy of shopping, maintaining and storing things. I purchased my much needed jeans the day before Ash Wednesday and plan to refrain from shopping the entire Lenten season. I’ll get groceries, but xnay on the garage sales, thrift stores and quirky shops. Thanks for the inspiration!

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