The Spite House

March 4, 2008

The Spite House

Another tiny house, via Gwenda Bond, who lauded Living Small in a recent post. (Thanks, Gwenda!)

Here’s the story, per Steve Bailey at the NYT: In 1830, John Hollensbury enclosed the alley adjacent to his Alexandria, Virginia, home with a two-story, 325-square-foot house in order to keep wagons and loafers at bay. Called the Spite House by locals, the diminutive structure contains a living room and kitchen downstairs and a bedroom and full bath on the upper floor. Want a photo tour? Check this.

As the article reports, the Spite House currently serves as a pied-à-terre for Colleen and Jack Sammis and their son Jake; the family’s main living quarters — which weigh in at a whopping 3,200-square-feet — are located about 25 minutes from the tiny abode. The Sammises also own vacation homes in Mougins, France, and, as of July, at the Beaver Creek ski resort in Colorado.


While I love the Small aspect of this house (small eco-footprint, small size = well-edited stuffstash, etc.), I’m a tad sad that the Sammis fam is spreading itself so thin. Seems to me that the Spite House should have permaresidents. I wonder if M and SK Gillingham-Ryan would be interested in upsizing to Alexandria.

Update, 9p: I’ll have to flip through a copy of Seattle Magazine‘s March issue; found out that Northwest Home was published as an insert, and it features Ballardites Tim and Diana Hammer and their newly remodeled, 550-sq.ft. cottage. Some gorgeous photos — have a look. (via: Apartment Therapy)


3 Responses to “The Spite House”

  1. Wow that is such an amazing home, and the decor really fits it too. I just think that this home would be more suited to a single person, not really a family that would grow bigger because you would run out of space.

    • It is a great home, for sure. I’m not certain that living in the Spite House with a family would mean running out of space; check out what Michael Finger and Joanne Kennedy, plus their two kids, did with just 640 square feet.

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