Seattle Small Business Shout Out — Eat Local

March 7, 2008

T.V. dinners begone: Frozen food gets the royal treatment at Eat Local, a small take ‘n’ bake biz atop Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill. Featuring chef-made dishes for 2 or for 20, Eat Local offers seasonal, organic, fresh-from-the-farm goodies that are prepared daily and are ready for the microwave or conventional oven.

Packed either in reusable glass (fave) or in disposable (not-so-fave) containers, the eats range from chicken casserole with leek, parsnip, and cannellini beans (from $10 for 2 servings) to Dill and Cheese Pâte à Choux ($1/piece) to hazelnut tart ($20-spot for a 6″ round). Add in Eat Local’s own Li’l Locals baby food — typically, 200-mile mushies for your littlest locavore — apple cider from Rockridge Orchards (refreshing and delicious), and a host of local fruit spreads and honeys, and you’ve got yourself a one-stop local-nosh shop. Plus, Stumptown Coffee and a free-use, WiFi-enabled community space above the store.

Founded in February 2007 by Greg Conner, a man with a plan to eat slow, but without the time to do so, Eat Local endeavors to give back whole foods that don’t preclude life’s other obligations (jobs, kids; you know the drill).

Sure, I’m a proponent of preparing meals from scratch. Communing with the food, taking it from mere ingredients to culinary triumphs — or, at least, yummy dinner. But I know time is often crunched, and cooking is likely the thing to get cut. Last night, for example, Mr. Man and I ate CSA salad and microwave-baked potatoes slathered with ketchup and mayo, a.k.a., “special sauce” (thanks, Dad). Pretty good, to the tastebuds, at least; kinda gross, considering the marked lack of prep involved. Last night, Eat Local could have saved us from special sauce potatoes. From gastronomic apathy.

In any case, I purchased a bottle of Yakima-grown Malbec that flies the flag of the Eat Local winery; I also tried the store’s new zucchini bread. So. Tasty.

Check ‘er out. 2400 Queen Anne Ave. N., at the corner of QA & McGraw. Thanks be to Lizzie G., who introduced me to this SeaTown wonder.

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