Radiohead did it, so why can’t we?

March 19, 2008

Hey. Remember when downloading package-free music hit the streets? Around 1999, maybe, with Napster (which eventually got pwned by those guys from Metallica), followed swiftly by iTunes.

And remember when Thom Yorke and the Radiohead crew announced their online-only album last year?

I’ve gotta tell you that the Living Smaller is a fan of no-pack music. Why? It doesn’t take up space — a plus when you’re livin’ la vida pequeña. It also doesn’t take up plastic and ink and paper. Good, from a fossil fuel and natural resources standpoint.

‘Course, that was before a colleague unveiled her debut CD project, wrapped up snug in an “EcoPak.” Cam Williams, the frontwoman of Seattle-based alt-country-folk band Yearling Graham, explained it to me in simple terms: Non-glossy, recyclable cardstock. Soy-based ink. Designed to be slimmer than slim. How had I missed this? Earth-easy packaging? Eensie measurements? I’m on board. And, to top it off, the album — called Union County — is available for packageless download at DigStation and CD Baby, cool online indie-music hawkers.

So, not only can I support a neighborhood independent artist, I can grab her music sans package or, if needed, with an earthy, skinny pack. Too cool.


2 Responses to “Radiohead did it, so why can’t we?”

  1. sevenpics said

    omg, NAPSTER…how many years ago?:S

    I remember my friends and I, we let napster and we begin to use audio galaxy…good times.

  2. Yeah, Napster. And what about BearShare? Morpheus? Good times, indeed.

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