Small, Cool 2008 Contest at Apartment Therapy

March 26, 2008

Got a Small, Cool space? Care to verse it against other Small, Cool spaces for the chance to win fabulous prizes? Then click on over to Apartment Therapy’s Small, Cool 2008 contest page and get your photog on. The site, which has sponsored this design competition since 2005, has partnered with Room & Board to offer winners bragging rights and up to $2,500 in R & B gift certs. The victors, categorized by region, are crowned by a readers’ choice online vote. Homes must be < 850 square feet; photo entries are due by April 14. Voting commences March 31.

Naturally, the Living Smaller is considering entry. My house is small. And kinda cool. Will follow up if followed through.

Let the games begin.


2 Responses to “Small, Cool 2008 Contest at Apartment Therapy”

  1. clark said

    i’ll have to keep that contest in mind in future years. i have a rental house that would be just right — 605 SF footprint/main floor and a 210 SF low ceiling two room attic. built in 1948, but that’s really old around here [anchorage]. have been gradually upgrading in the eight years i’ve owned it. still quite a ways to go, but looking a little better each year. i’m not sure if the contest judges would think it especially ‘cool’ or not. it is but it isn’t. it has significant vintage charm, but it’s really funky.
    nice site you have going here. y’all are riding the true small house wave. a few years ago a lot of people were talking about sarah susanka trying to break people’s mc mansion habits, getting them out of 10,000 SF monstrosities into something more reasonable. but figuring out how to live in 900 SF or less, even with two or three people — then you really have to be efficient and cooperative. i also like the idea of repopulating closer-in neighborhoods that have been abandoned in the flight to the burbs. somewhere in the space between distress and gentrification lies real opportunity — to take over and experience a site with mature landscaping and a defined streetscape, and care about it really can make life grand.

  2. Clark: Well said. I think that living small builds community, both within the small space and within the neighborhood, as well. And, without community, where are we?

    If you’re not up for the ’08 contest, put it on the calendar for next year. And good luck!

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