Think about this.

March 29, 2008

Finally reading Cradle to Cradle, by William McDonough and Michael Braungart. Holy cow.

…the agenda to recycle has superseded other design considerations. Just because a materials is recycled does not automatically make it ecologically benign, especially if it was not designed specifically for recycling. Blindly adopting superficial environmental approaches can be no better — and perhaps even worse — than doing nothing. … Plainly put, eco-efficiency only works to make the old, destructive system [of industry] a bit less so.

Has anyone else read this? Whaddya think?


3 Responses to “Think about this.”

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  2. mars said

    C2C is great. essential for our planet (read:species) going forward. downcycling (recycling) needs to be a short term transitional step towards smart design (C2C).

    we DO need to reduce, reuse, recycle, BUT C2C concepts are critical to infuse into this 3R model.

    we need more C2C products in the mainstream consumer arena: banana leaf packaging, paper water bottles, biodegradable drink containers, compostable disposables- as well as a shift in our lifestyles (more home veggie gardens, less driving to grocery store, etc.).

    it is such a huge problem: global change (climate change), overpopulation, depletion/pollution of natural resources, etc.) that it will take efforts from every angle, but we all need to be C2C minded in our every day choices/actions/purchases.

    perhaps you could add a C2C page so we can exchange the best of what we find out there (C2C products and organic/sustainable companies/products that are moving in that direction).

    thanks! and cheers!


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