Fold your clothes. And your bike.

April 6, 2008

Looks like the closet is fit for togs and transport, according to TreeHugger’s Graham Hill. For those looking for a small-space bike-storage solution — one that doesn’t take up valuable floor space — Hill has concocted a way to hang the collapsible cycles from none other than his closet rod. Check it out:

Hill used a modified meat hook, which set him back $2 each, to dangle the bikes.

Currently, my sweetie’s folding bike, a Dahon, takes up residence in our 4′ x 4′ entryway. We discussed keeping it in the closet, but we were concerned about the muck-and-grease factor. Wouldn’t the road warrior’s steed get my suede boots dirty? It appears that Hill has hung his slimline Strida in a coat-holding utility closet. Perhaps a better choice, but one I can’t make, given our lone-closet setup.

In any case, a cool solution. Now, if only I could suspend a Wurlitzer…


2 Responses to “Fold your clothes. And your bike.”

  1. Rod said

    The meat-hook (or something similar) is a great idea. However, I would recommend that the bike be put in some kind of storage bag first, otherwise it might not be just the boots that get dirty – what about all the other things that are in the average closet (skeletons?).

  2. I didn’t even consider the skeletons! A storage bag is a great idea. Thanks, Rod.

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