Tiny House Tuesday: Family in 435

April 15, 2008

WHO: Suchitra Van, Nette Gaastra, and son

WHERE: NYC’s East Village

WHAT: Low-key, organic modern apartment for three

SIZE: 435 square feet

Who says you can’t squeeze a family into a one-bedroom apartment?

From the New York Times comes a story about Suchitra Van and Nette Gaastra, an East Village twosome who reno’d their 435-square-foot studio into a supremely sublime one-bedroom fit for a growing family. Take a look at the earthy-mod living room (photo by Michael Weschler):

Family in 435

I’m eyeing that huge art piece; looks like painted cork or pegboard. Very schoolhouse-cool.

The addition of baby Sebbe in early 2007 didn’t phase the couple: rather than browse real estate listings, they rolled with what they had. Toys are kept in a vintage suitcase next to the couch. Kiddo sleeps in a wood-framed sling modeled after the one mini-Van snoozed in as a child in India, eliminating the need for a bulky crib.

Want the rest of the story? More photos, maybe? Check out the full article.

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6 Responses to “Tiny House Tuesday: Family in 435”

  1. Lindsay said

    Hey, why not? One of the things I learned when I remodeled the bathroom in my condo, is that you can afford a lot more luxury if your home is smaller than average (and certainly smaller than those ridiculous McMansions). I think smart storage, ideally with lots of great built ins, is the key to living small. With multiple people living in the house or apartment, it is nice to be able to have places people can retreat for privacy though.

  2. That’s absolutely true, Lindsay. The smaller the space, the more you can splurge. I wonder about our obsession with storage, though. It seems that most small-living dogma tauts “smart storage”: but is our need for said storage just an indicator of our overconsumption? Do we simply have too much stuff?

  3. […] I should have saved this for Tiny House Tuesday (next up: April 29), I just couldn’t wait. The Dwell blog’s Michael Dumiak reports on […]

  4. LOOK! The Gaastra/Van home entered AT’s Small, Cool contest. Check out their entry here.

  5. van Driesen said

    The place looks simply awesome. It’s so spiritual, I can’t believe it. You can tell creative people are behind this and living there too! I sense wood and earth.
    Once again here is solid proof of the old Kazakhi saying:
    quality of a ‘home’ is not defined by the amount of square meters.

  6. Great saying — I’d never heard it before. But so true. Thanks for sharing it.

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