You say Aveda, I say Avada.

April 21, 2008

Looks like the Aveda people are getting on the Cradle to Cradle bandwagon. According to TreeHugger’s Jasmin Malik Chua, four of the beauty-care company’s ingredients have received C2C certification from the Environmental Protection and Encouragement Agency. Writes Malik Chua:

Its rose and lavender essential oils come from a sustainable organic farm in Bulgaria, while its wild Australian sandalwood is sourced from the Mardu people of Western Australia based on standards of an indigenous raw materials certification. Meanwhile, organic uruku, a pigment Aveda uses in lipsticks, is sustainably harvested by the Yawanawa people of the Brazilian Amazon.

What does this C2C stuff mean? Based on the principles laid out in William McDonough and Michael Braungart’s eponymous book, “cradle to cradle” means smart, green design — that is, creating products, from candy wrappers to shoes to airplane parts, that at the end of their useful life can either nurture growth (via composting or incineration) or maintain their structural integrity when broken down or recycled into another product. Confused? Want to learn more? Check out the book. It comes with Living Small’s highest recommendation.

And, next time you need some lipcolor, scan for Aveda.


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