Earth Day Online

April 22, 2008

Green ComputerGreen ComputerGreen Computer

It’s Earth Day, everybody! Since 1970, this day dedicated to eco-fun and frolic has steadily gained traction in the marketplace. And today, Earth Day ’08, the Gaeaic geeksters at Mozilla will launch Flock Eco-Edition, a browser bent on corralling users’ social networking sites (think Facebook, Flickr, etcetera), as well as the latest enviro-minded news bytes from green-spirited sites like TreeHugger, Ecorazzi, and Grist, in one simple browser. This way, Eco-Edition users can share green news quick and easy with their contacts — all the better to get the green word out. But wait! There’s more: TreeHugger’s Mairi Beautyman reports that 10 percent of the proceeds from Flock Eco-Edition will go to a user-selected environmental cause.

As a card-carrying Mozilla maniac, I’ll be grabbin’ Eco-E ASAP this morning. Grassroots green via the Web = pretty savvy.

How will you celebrate Earth Day?


4 Responses to “Earth Day Online”

  1. Justin The Man said

    Does this web browser do all the other stuff that web browsers do? Or does it just help users “flock?”

    This Flock thing is new to me.

  2. Justin The Man said

    I did my research. Sadly, Flock Eco-Edition is only available for Windows. Lame.

  3. MrPibb said

    Im using Flock Eco and Im on a mac.

  4. Justin: Flock functions as a regular browser, sure. I just loads all kinds of eco news on your homepage.

    Looks like Mr. Pibb found a way around the Mac issue. Pibbs: How did you do it?

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