Sartorial Seattle, via The Stranger

April 23, 2008

Worn Out 2008

It’s a street-fashion maven’s dream. The Stranger (so-named “Seattle’s Only Newspaper”) released its annual fashion issue last week. Titled Worn Out, this photo log of real-life, on-the-go Seattle style gives a look at the wild, the tame, the wild. Oh. And the wild. Did I say that already?

Writes Worn Out editor Christopher Frizzelle:

In Worn Out, the fashion experts are the people of Seattle. The people you pass on the street. Your friends and neighbors. … These people are the true arbiters of taste—not the people who design clothes, not the people who sell clothes, but the people who wear clothes.

So check it out. See what it’s like to live in this city. Correction: See what it’s like to live on Capitol Hill.

Alert: Skinny jeans and chunky glasses ahead. Pictured above: Nate, photographed by Kelly O. Exclusively for Worn Out ’08.


2 Responses to “Sartorial Seattle, via The Stranger”

  1. LOOKY, LOOKY. I’ve discovered a Seattle street-fashion photographer. RSS, here I come.

  2. […] I mentioned this in the comments to a recent Seattle street-fashion post, but wanted to share it for realsies. This is the Emerald City’s cheeky answer to NYC’s […]

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