Probably the best that I know of.

April 26, 2008

Okay. So my roost fared so-so at AT’s Small, Cool 2008 contest. Big thanks to all those who turned out to vote! So now I’m stumping for James and Emily’s sah-weet Evanston, Illinois, studio. Wowie-zowie, as my mom would say:

James and Em 1

Hello! Super cool, right? French doors AND a transom? While this space is a mite bigger than my own (their 624 sq. ft. would eat my 509 in a New York minute), I do admire the way the pair has separated living and lounging areas, but nevertheless achieved a complementary style vibe.

And look at the kitchen:

James and Em 2

Color. Love. It. Must. Have. Kitchen. Green. Oh my!

For more photos of the place — and to cast your vote (super cool!) — visit J & E’s spot at AT.


6 Responses to “Probably the best that I know of.”

  1. soooo…cool! i’m looking into moving into a small studio this summer when i’m in san francisco (or surrounding areas). still looking for that perfect place……

  2. Justin Garland said

    You’re right, Napoleon. Perry sweet!

    Now give me some of your tots!

  3. Justin Garland said

    OK. So first of all, I meant to type “pretty,” not “perry.” Freudian slip?

    And secondly, I’ve just found my new dream apartment:

    The pictures are kind of crappy, but the apartment itself is SO radical.

  4. Don’t you love this place? I hope it wins the prize. Here’s another awesome abode, also part of the AT contest. These people are geniuses!

    The apartment you mentioned, Justin, is pretty amazing. Of course, it is in competition with my place, so…

  5. Emily said

    Thanks so much for blogging about us! Sadly we did not make the top 4 as you can see, I hope you have better luck! Quite honestly I am a little disappointed in how the contest played out, and not just my category.

  6. Emily: It was a set-up! Your entry was far and away one of the top four. Tough break. Maybe next year!

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