The Devil is in the details.

May 1, 2008

Or is it God? In any case, ever since Husband and I found our missing camera battery–charger — it had been lodged in Honey’s luggage since our September ’07 trip to San Francisco — I’ve been thinking about Small photography. Detail shots. Macro. I’ve been inspired by the oncoming spring (flowers and foliage make for great close-ups), as well as by the sweet photos snapped by Wreckless Girl — specifically, this set of details.

So, while I’m not Wreckless, I’ve got some deets of my own to show (thumbs below). Moreover, I’m announcing the Living Small Flickr photostream! See my Small Shots big, and get a photo tour of the Living Small house — one that goes beyond the five photos I submitted to AT.

Small Shots Sampler.

Rug, boots, and bikeZenith hi-fiScrubbersJade and keysMonk and fruitPearsGranolaLatchPinsCoinstackUkuleleHatOwl rockTelephoneTulips

ps. Happy May Day, everyone. Be sure to leave some flowers for somebody. Or picket for worker rights. Whichever.


6 Responses to “The Devil is in the details.”

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