See my city.

May 6, 2008

My sidewalk
My sidewalk, in Seattle’s Central District.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about Small photography — remember those still-life shots of my tiny house? But I’ve also been thinking about Small photos in another sense: the community sense. The hometown sense. The this-place-has-a-story sense. What can we glean from photos of our own city streets? Of the people who walk on them? Of the history of our home bases? (Can you tell I’m becoming a Seattlephile?)

And so I bring to you a mini-roll of spectacular Seattle photoblogs.

  • Vintage Seattle. It’s been in my blogroll from the get-go, but I think it’s time for a special in-post mention. Blogmeister Jess Cliffe uncovers unreal pics, postcards, ads, etc. focused on Seattle and the surrounding areas. It’s a time machine trip that will have even an armchair historian checking her RSS hourly.
  • Pike/Pine. I mentioned this in the comments to a recent Seattle street-fashion post, but wanted to share it for realsies. This is the Emerald City’s cheeky answer to NYC’s Sartorialist: a photo tour of Seattle’s fashion-forward (and backward) residents. These on-the-fly shots are taken on the street, naturally, and all of them have that meaty, docu-portrait feel, with a little West Coast-mellow thrown in.
  • Seattle Daily Photo. Kim takes pictures. Lots of them. All of Seattle. All the time. Do you get me? A pair of recent favorites: Smoking Bubble Fairy and Purple and Gold, of course.
  • 8 block walk. Easy: Self-proclaimed “geek” Matt W. walks eight blocks to and from work daily. On this walk through Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, Matt shoots photos. So, he’s not only doing the Small thing by hoofing it to the office, he’s also documenting his Seattle surroundings. Small and smart. Geeks kind of rule.

So. How about your town? If you don’t have an online city-centric photologue, then heck: shutter that bug, baby. Grab your camera and go!


3 Responses to “See my city.”

  1. Kim said

    Hey, thanks for the shout out! Nice to find your blog. Small is way cool. And thanks for featuring VS, P&P and a new one to me, the 8 block walk.
    Seattle Daily Photo

  2. Sure thing, Kim. Love your pics!

  3. Bo said

    Here’s a couple more cool Seattle photo sites:

    Urban Archives
    Photos of electric signs, murals, yard art, graffitti, etc., organized by UW students

    UW LibrariesDigital Collections
    Not just Seattle photos, but they have tons of local art, architecture, and historical photos.

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