Get a piece of the Mountain.

May 7, 2008

Rainier Beer

Clap your mitts on a piece of Seattle history. Bricks from the recent demo of Seattle’s cold-storage portion of the old Rainier Brewery are up for grabs in the parking lot across from Smartypants, 6017 Airport Way South.

Rainier Beer got its start in Seattle in the mid-1880s, before Washington earned its statehood. This is an institution, friends. I had my first taste of the iconic ale in about 1987, when my dad and his bros were taking a break from haying at my grandfather’s Winlock, Wash., farm. Yeah, it was disgusting. But I was like seven, okay?

In any case, these bricks should not go unclaimed. Fireplace, ahoy!

Via Apartment Therapy.


4 Responses to “Get a piece of the Mountain.”

  1. Justin The (Drunk) Man said

    Sadly enough, I’ve never had Rainier beer. They stopped making it before I moved to the Northwest. (According to Wikipedia, they stopped making it the same year I moved north.)

    Wasn’t the factory purchased by Tully’s? Did Tully’s move out? Why is the building up for grabs in the parking lot across from Smartypants?

  2. Lindsay said

    are the bricks free? my parents would love those! my dad still prefers Rainier to most other beers (in a can of course…he thinks it tastes different in a bottle!)

  3. JDM: Tully’s does operate out of the original brewery building (the one along the highway). This was the cold storage site, a little further south. Too bad you never tasted Rainier. Kind of like Hamm’s or PBR, but so cool.

    Linds: The bricks ARE free! You should tell your dad to come up and get some.

  4. Leslie said

    Hey–conservation tells me that if you get 2-4 bricks and take them to your teeny abode I can hall them down to C-town on the next theatrical visit. No need for an extra trip for Lindsay’s daddy-o. Mountain Man would probably enjoy a couple himself. Let me know.

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