May 9, 2008

Have we had a real discussion of thrift here at Living Small? Maybe. In any case, thrifting is a cornerstone of living Small — it gives new life to old things. Reuse, rather than disuse. Plus, there’re all kinds of prize pearls out there. Here’s a view of my recent Value Village history:

USA pottery covered dish USA pottery planter, for use as a wide vase Monkeypod wood tray from the Philippines

Coolsville. Some USA pottery, and a Monkeypod-wood tray from the Philippines. Of course, who cares about discussion OR my goofy pics when you can take an online survey? I’ve put together three questions about thrifting habits. The why, the when, the what. Now, all you have to do is click it!

>>>>>> Survey Me Right Now. I can’t wait! <<<<<<

After I use Survey Monkey’s high-tech analysis system to tabulate results, we’ll get a sense of the wherefore of thrifting amongst our little Living Small community.

Or, if you’re surveyed out, let us know in the comments: Thrifter or no?


10 Responses to “Thriftin’”

  1. Michelle said

    I found you through Apartment Therapy, and your philosophy really resonates with me. I am definitely a thrifter. Since moving to Seattle, thrifting expeditions have been much less frequent; we’re living without a car for the first time, and we’re new to the extra time that it takes to get groceries and run errands, so thrifting hasn’t been the highest priority. I miss it. With nice weather on the way, I’ll have more motivation to hoof it the extra miles to dig for treasures.

  2. Thanks for stopping in, Michelle. Living sans car can make thrift-trips tough; we’re lucky enough to live within walking distance of the Capitol Hill Value Village, as well as the Lifelong Thrift shop on East Union between Broadway & 11th.

    If you live near the U District, you can always hit up Buffalo Exchange (4530 University Way Northeast); if you’re near Ballard, I hear there’s an awesome Goodwill near 65th & 8th. Southerly secondhands include the CD Goodwill (Seattle’s flagship store!) at 1400 South Lane, as well as the Sodo Salvo at 1010 Fourth Ave. South.

    Good luck re-amping the thrift!

  3. Justin The (Thrifty) Man said

    Or there’s always the Goodwill warehouse near Safeco field. (Yikes!)

    Broadway on Capital Hill was always a treasure trove of small, independently owned thriftiness when I was living there. Is it still?

  4. The GW bulk place: a frightening spot, but I’ve known people who’ve come away with booty.

    Re: Broadawy: Not really, no. Mostly restaurants and junky-new-junk shops. A let-down, to be sure.

  5. Richard said

    Years ago, there was an awesome thrift store at 15th and Market in Ballard. I got so many great shirts there. At Rock Bottom! prices. But it’s the Safeway now. So it’s down to Goodwill and Value Village. Mostly Goodwill. (What happened to Value Village’s colored tag half-price days? The last time I was there, the colored tags only represented the new stock.)

  6. Stacey said

    The last Goodwill I went to (alas, in Centralia sans the other Freddie) had True Religion Jeans for $80!!! Can you believe it!??!!??!
    But yes, I am a thrifter.

  7. Richard: I’ll have to check out the Ballard-area GW and VV. I know that the Cap Hill Value Village has color-coded half-price days; you should try them out.

    Stacey: WHAT? What has our hometown Goodwill come to?

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