Cathouse. (Not that kind.)

May 12, 2008

At last, a Small cat tie-in! As you may know, the Living Small teeny house is home to more than Mssr. and Mme. Living Small. It is also a miniature haven for two cats, known as Gulliver and Domino. Here’s the boyz, G and D, respectively:

Naturally, I have a penchant for cat-related things, like the ZenHaus, which I stumbled upon at Apartment Therapy:


A mod fiberglass hut that doubles as an end table, the ZenHaus is the brainchild of Seattle-based pet co. DenHaus (interesting apellation parallels there), who pride themselves on creating “homes for pets, designs for people.” While I can’t vouch for the earth-friendliness of fiberglass, which is generated through a laborious and resource-guzzling process, I must say that the ZenHaus is awfully artful. From a small-space perspective, this dual-function piece — which can hide the standard litter box — makes co-species living a bit easier on the eyes and on the floorplan.

Or, if litter ain’t your issue, the ZenHaus works as a streamlined feline (or canine) hideaway. The door is removable, allowing kitty to come and go as he pleases.

Now, the price: $525. Yipes. But so cool, no?


3 Responses to “Cathouse. (Not that kind.)”

  1. Grant Wagner said

    Gulliver and Domino are both extremely cute!

  2. Thanks! They are the Greatest Cats on Earth.

  3. […] the Living Smallers are feline fanatics (okay, Persian feline fanatics), we both bear soft Spots (pun intended) for the Fidos and Rexes out […]

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