Tiny House Tuesday: Blueprint for Beauty

May 13, 2008

Sarah\'s Blueprint for Beauty

WHO: Sarah Humphreys, erstwhile Blueprint magazine editor

WHERE: West Village, Big Apple

WHAT: Large-scale mess turned small urban oasis

SIZE: 307 square feet

Cinderella didn’t have it so good.

For those of you who missed the major makeover of editor Sarah Humphreys’ apartment in Blueprint‘s March/April issue last year, a re-cap: Humphreys moved into the West Village rental in a flurry upon accepting editorship of Blueprint — the unfortunately now-defunct Martha Stewart mag aimed at the younger set. She soon found that living Small (307 square feet-small, to be exact) taxed her: from off-scale furniture to too-little storage to unsightly kitchen cabinets, the space was a wreck.

Naturally, in swooped a crack team of decorators, all assembled from the Martha Stewart empire. (Lucky.) Their small-space strategy:

  • Open up the space with cool colors — warm tones, like the butter yellow Sarah moved in to, create cocoons, not aeries.
  • Add uniform, if open, storage. Not only do these awesome, mantle-flanking shelves solve a storage problem, their sameness keeps the eye from zeroing in on the stuff.
  • Chuck out bulky sofas and chairs; replace with streamlined and double-duty furnishings — her console/desk, for example, morphs into a dining table for four.
  • Hang a fresh white curtain mounted on hospital tracking to hide the icky kitch. Some things, even Martha Stewart can’t transform.

What a difference. Sometimes, all you need to live Small is a plan, a can of paint, and Martha. For more, see the photo tour. If you missed Blueprint altogether, check out its offshoot, the Bluelines blog.

Don’t stop ’til you get enough. Check out Living Small’s Tiny House Logue in the nav bar!

Photo at top: From marthastewart.com.


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