From Dumpster to Delightful

May 14, 2008

It’s a recycling recovery! Whilst depositing the tiny house’s accumulated wine and spirits bottles in our cottage-court recycling bins, I laid hands on these gorgeous jars:

Dumpster jars

which I’ve since rinsed and repurposed into dazzlingly darling candleholders:


Now, I don’t make a habit of perusing the recycling for castaways — in fact, Mr. Mister typically totes out the glass and garbage — but I may just start eyeing that glass tub.

How about you? Ever dumpster dive?


4 Responses to “From Dumpster to Delightful”

  1. Michelle said

    Nice repurposing! Any dumpster diving I’ve done has been limited to situations much like yours–spotting something within easy reach but not physically entering a dumpster. It’s amazing what people throw away when they’re moving out of apartments; I scored a nice bookshelf and a small table that someone left sitting next to the dumpster at my last place.

  2. Cori said

    Oh yes, I am a dedicated dumpster diver:) There’s a lot of great furniture and other things to find, I mostly like “the thrill of the hunt”

  3. Thrilling, indeed! Glad you both have reaped the spoils of other people’s “trash.”

    And, if you think my dumpster dive is cool, check out Dave and Abi’s 300-square-foot dumpster-furnished place on Design*Sponge: unreal.

  4. […] charcoal pyramid with the dailies crumpled up inside. We don’t get the paper, so I enacted a recycling recovery and came up with both fire fuel and the funny pages. […]

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