Do it yourself.

May 17, 2008


Have I mentioned that I’m into arts and crafts? Oh. I have?

I’ve come across a ration of rad how-tos in the past week. These projects totally ring my bell; how about you? And, if you do do-it-yourself, lemme know.

And, from me, a quick way to display cool cards and other flat memorabilia: binder clips! (Image above.) Simply set the card inside the arms — you can clip the bottom of the card for stability, if necessary — and presto! Instant, easy mini-art display. Rotate your cards when the mood strikes.

Fun Fact: The example above is a Small shot of the aforementioned Parthenon postcard. See the address? See the Greek? Boffo.


2 Responses to “Do it yourself.”

  1. Michelle said

    I used the binder clip as easel idea to display childhood photos of my husband and me at our wedding reception. It would have been perfect, but the high-powered fans we brought in to keep everyone from melting blew the dainty little displays over. But it was cute while it lasted.

    I’m all about DIYing, but I have to limit myself to a select few media, or I find myself hoarding way too much stuff for future projects. When I’m in a crafty mindset, I see beauty and potential in every random piece of junk. The lack of storage spaces is a definite drawback to a small lifestyle. Or maybe it’s a plus. . .

  2. I totally understand about the stashing. I often have to keep myself from keeping things just because they might make a good _________ later on.

    I sometimes have trouble with wayward airstreams, too; perhaps a little sticky-tack to secure the bottom of the clip to the surface could keep them from toppling.

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