Too many donuts!

May 23, 2008


Okay, so I’m way into community communing and neighborhood news (one of the pinnacles of living Small, right?). Naturally, I subscribe to Central District News, a online journal by, for, and about Seattle’s CD. Said CD News posts the CD Scanner, a rundown of the police calls and reported crimes in the area.

Still with me?

So today the Scanner reports, amidst the Narcotics Activity and Domestic Assault and Trespassing, this:

8:06AM Broadway & James Greed Police contacted by a church organizer who wants them to deal with a man who’s been taking too many donuts.

Holy deadly sins, Batman. Takes a hefty amount of oil to fry up lotsa donuts. Resource intensive. You bet.

Gotta love the little news. Keeps it real, even if it’s a bit gluttonous.


5 Responses to “Too many donuts!”

  1. Justin The (Greedy) Man said

    “Furthermore, the police failed to respond to the call because it was one of their own who had been snagging excessive amounts of fried doughy goodness.”

    Gotta love the small news! Keep it coming.

  2. funereally said

    Funereally says : I absolutely agree with this !

  3. Thanks, you two. I get a tickle out of news like this. No donut incidents in the past few days, but my eyes are peeled.

  4. Grant Wagner said

    Hey, all I gotta say is, if you’re going to be giving out free donuts, then you cant be surprised when someone starts takin’ some!

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