May 29, 2008

Been thinking: Anybody else out there keep an online journal? Bloggers, come forward! If you read mine, I’d love to read yours; let’s build a Small community!

Send me links in the comments, or, if you’re a shy violet, send me a link at Alternatively, do you have an Etsy shop? A photostream? Something Small and sweet? Looking forward to hearing from you.

xoxo, allison @ Living Small


15 Responses to “Bloglove”

  1. I have a twisted little blog on topics ranging from voluntary simplicity and cutting edge technology to parenting and my own odd take on the human condition. I also highlight tiny houses on a regular basis.

    Would love to have you drop by sometime!

  2. Angela: Coincidence — I already read the wicked blog! I highly recommend it, everyone: swing on by.

    Thanks, Angela, for reading Living Small, and for sharing your awesome blog with all of us.

  3. Amy said

    I did a post the other day on tiny homes and it’s been rather popular. So I’m thinking of doing weekly/biweekly highlights of tiny-livers in the blogverse. Would you be interested in participating? I’m thinking it’ll probably be a short interview and maybe some choice pictures.

    Hooray for tiny living!

  4. Amy: I’m honored, and I’d love to participate. Shoot me an email when you’re ready to chat; sounds fun. And thanks!

  5. pamela said

    I have a little crafty blog. I only started it this year, and so far I’ve had a little trouble getting into the blogging habit. I talk mostly about quilting, knitting, with a smattering of decorating, and re-use stuff thrown in.

    I made a “no new clothes” resolution for the New Year. I made it to May…

  6. MsK said

    I just started a blog, it’s full of very random ramblings. Stuff a gal needs to get off her chest!

  7. Pamela: Thanks for the link. Sometimes, bloggin’ is tuff. But it looks like you’ve chosen a topic you love — that’s half the battle, I think. Oh: I think the chair fabric combo #2; the different stripes are awesome, and their modernity plays well off the trad lines of the chair. Good luck!

    Ms. K: Love your Goodwill and Tree-Hugging post. Godspeed for your next excursion.

  8. Cori said

    I love reading your blog! I recently found you from the links on My etsy shop is and my blog is but it’s very new. It started as a craft blog, but I easily get distracted…:)

  9. Cori said

    whoops! I pasted the wrong link. My blog is

  10. Cori: Thanks for the compliment. Glad you like the blog.

    And, ps., I love your work! Especially the acorn cards. Gorgeous. Check out Cori’s Etsy shop, everybody, and pick up some beautiful, hand-printed cards.

  11. Emily said

    I keep a silly little blog: mostly stuff having to do with redecorating my small flat in San Francisco, some personal events, and an occasional random soapbox occasion.

    It started as a way to keep my mom in Arizona involved and entertained, but it seems to be taking on a life of its own! :-D

    I kind of resented living small until recently, but I’m discovering that small can be so fun, and cute! (And less housework!)

  12. Helen said

    I started my blog about six months ago — I’m still finding it hard to get into steady pace.

    I write about knitting, sewing, living in Maine, want to get to writing more deeply (as my therapist calls it scuba diving instead of snorkling.)

    The blog started after I participated in NaNoWrMo in November — National Novel Writing Month. I was on such a roll from the daily writing that I thought I’d just go from there.

  13. Emily: Thanks for sharing your blog, and thanks for giving Living Small the honor of being in your blogroll! I love the wall color in your apartment, by the way, as well as your running to-do list — striking items from the list has to be incredibly heartening, right?

    Helen: Your Sock Madness inspires me to take on some sock-making, which I’ve been putting off since I learned how to knit. (I’m scared of the gusset!) And thanks for helping me get my Nerd Score, too! I’m a 36. Wannabe nerd, I guess. Kind of a bummer.

  14. Tea said

    I have a site that started as a food blog but branches out into environmental topics, gardening, etc–wherever interests take me. I’ve been wanting to write about living smaller for a while now, so that will probably show up soon as well.

    I just found your site through the PI article and really enjoy your style!

  15. I love your blog, Tea! Your food photos are fantastic. What divine detail. I just want to eat them. Thanks for sharing!

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