5 Mos. Down: The Year of No New Threads

May 31, 2008

Another month ticked off the calendar, all. I did make a trip to thriftsville this month, and I did procure two new-old items: an orange tee with a black screen-printed crow (no doubt the product of my recent fondness for Franken-style) and and summery white open-knit cardi. Good finds.

Plus, this:


A vintage chalkware Scottie dog statue, about half the size of my cats. And only $3! Steal of the century!

The potential spoiler, however, is this: my mom turned up last weekend bearing two *new* pairs of tights (apparently, some store had a mega-clearance sale). Do these count? Have I failed? I never set forth rules about gifts — what do you think, peeps?

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11 Responses to “5 Mos. Down: The Year of No New Threads”

  1. Justin The (Clothes) Horse said

    I don’t think you can beat yourself up over gifts. Not much you can do about it. If they were truly on mega sale, there’s probably no returning them anyway. Better to use them than discard them at this point.

    Aren’t moms wonderful. =)

    Unfortunately, I broke down and had to buy some new shorts for summer and a couple of sleek, cool-max travel shirts for the trip to Israel. At least it felt very strange to be buying new clothing…

  2. Justin: Moms are great; and thanks for your input. Glad the trip to the new-clothes store wasn’t easy. :)

  3. jeneflower said

    Great blog! We live in a little apartment in Seoul (with 4 kids!). You have inspired me to use some creativity and decorate it a bit more (inexpensively of course).

  4. Jeneflower: Wow! Four kids in a little apartment — congrats for taking it on. You inspire me!

    Decor absolutely does not have to be expensive (case in point: chalk dog!); good luck with your searches. Keep me posted!

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  6. Rhonda said

    I love the no-new-threads challenge and wardrobe refashion site, but still say gratefully enjoy your mother’s gift of the tights! They aren’t something you can make yourself or that you often see in good shape second-hand. I love your blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Thanks, Rhonda. You’re right about not being able to make them (or make them well, at least in my case), and about finding them secondhand.

    Thanks for the kind words re: Living Small, too. :)

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  9. K.A. said

    Year of no new threads? That was 2004. Not so much a green thing as a lack-of-green thing. :)

  10. Did you undertake a Year of No New Threads in 2004? How did it go?

  11. […] the handful of *new*-new items I received as gifts (including those infamous tights and a small selection of Christmas gifts), I skated through an entire year without purchasing any […]

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