June 4, 2008

Seattle map

Think you’re in a great neighborhood? Close to everything?

Find out just how central your headquarters are by checking their Walk Score! This neat little tool calculates your home’s walkability based on its proximity to grocery stores, restaurants, theaters, schools, parks, libraries, and other amenities.

The Living Small house scored 91 out of 100 (that’s an A-, right, Dad?), which means that it is located in a “Walker’s Paradise: Most errands can be accomplished on foot and many people get by without owning a car.” That’s me! Certainly, walking beats driving in terms of environmental impact, so living in a “Walker’s Paradise” is fit ‘n’ fine by this Living Smaller.

So, how does your place fare?


18 Responses to “Walkathon”

  1. mattw said

    83 at home, 97 at work. I wonder how that will change once all this north-end-of-broadway stuff gets finished.

  2. Michelle said

    My place got an 83, which is “Very Walkable: It’s possible to get by without owning a car.” We do just fine without a car, and we get a little extra exercise!

    Thanks for sharing this great resource. I discovered a few businesses near me that I need to check out, and when it comes time to move, the Walk Score will be a major factor in choosing a new place.

  3. Matt: As the master of 8 block walk, I’d guess you had a pretty high score. And your workplace is prime territory. I do wonder how the NoBro development will affect your Score. Positively, I hope.

    Michelle: Very cool. Glad Walk Score helped you discover your ‘hood in greater detail. Good to hear, too, that you’re considering this as a factor in your next move. Viva la pie!

  4. Justin The (Walking) Man said

    Cool! I scored an 86. Did discover a couple of “hidden neighborhood gems” still to be explored. Was also missing a couple of new cafes from the listing.

    I wonder how they do it?

    Great resource when it comes moving time!

    Thanks for sharing, LS!

  5. Emily said

    Oh, man. Home scored a 66! Here in San Francisco your rent is directly proportional to convenience so it’s the price I pay for a 2 bedroom with a garden. At least I have 4 major public transit lines within 4 blocks of me, and innumerable Chinese restaurants ;-) Work fared a 98, though! But I’m not sure where one would go grocery shopping or do laundry in the Financial District!

  6. Oh my goodness, guys. You’ve all encouraged me to Walk Score my job: solid 100. I didn’t think it was possible. Of course, I work in the core of downtown Seattle, which isn’t that big. But still. Wow.

    Justin: Nice score. I’m guessing they use the power of Google or something. Google can do anything.

    Emily: I’m really surprised that a place in San Fran wouldn’t get a higher score. But sounds like you work nearby loads of amenities. 98 is awesome!

  7. jill said

    Looks like I’m pulling an 88 – woo hoo! Are we grading on a curve?

  8. Jenny said

    Neat tool! I got an 80 — pretty good for Bellevue, which, when incorporated in the 50s was proudly “designed for the automobile”! That’s slowly changing, thank goodness.

  9. Jill: 88 is great! You’ve got all kinds of stuff around your place (like good Thai food and the Ravenna P-Patch). And Ten Pachi salon. Good score!

    Jenny: Way to go, Bellevue. You’re right about the design for family cars; I’m glad to know that the ‘Vue is stepping it up for pedestrians.

  10. Richard said

    Just a 74 here in north-central Ballard (near the high school). But my old place in Wallingford got a 98. I miss that place.

  11. I was just in Wallingford last night — it is a walkers’ paradise. But Ballard has Cupcake Royale, so…

  12. Tea said

    I get a pathetic 49 in Montlake (I feel like I’ve flunked–are we really worse than Bellevue?). Good thing I like the hike up Capitol Hill..and good thing I’m moving at the end of the year.

  13. Whoa, Tea. That surprises me. Montlake? So close to the U of W?

    If a move is in the cards, will you take the Walk Score into account?

  14. Tea said

    Oh yes, I’m definitely looking at walkability, bikeability, bus lines, and proximity to farmers’ markets, the post office, and a library. I think I’ve got an area that fits most all of it–but I’m going to have to give up having Lake Washington and the Arboretum next door (sigh).

    My neighborhood in SF, where I still spend a few months of the year, has a score of 94. So great to have almost everything you need within a few minutes walk.

  15. Amen to that, Tea. Walkability was key for us when we were house-hunting. We were thrilled when we found a place within five blocks of the co-op, in particular. Good luck with the home search.

    AND: Check out the P-I’s front-page, online feature about Walk Score. We scooped ’em!

    Likewise, a Walk Score piece at The Daily Score (a blog for which I feel great affection).

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