Survey Says…

June 6, 2008

Ray CombsRay CombsRay Combs

All righty, ladies and gentlemen. You’ve had four weeks to log your responses to the Thriftin’ survey. Now, it’s time for the results!

Question #1: How often do you thrift?

55% of respondents chose answer B., Every few months; gotta keep the wardrobe fresh. 33% offered answer A., I live in a thrift shop. And only 14% gave it up for answer D., I think thrift stores are kind of smelly.

Question #2: When thrifting, what do you look for?

Turns out that 50% of those surveyed were on the lookout for answer A., New togs and treads; 36% combed the racks for answer B., Antiques Roadshow prizes; and the remainder had their eyes peeled for answer C., Junk, which, per the survey, includes bad art, trophies that don’t have your name on them, and binders).

Question #3: Wherefore dost thou thrift?

A whopping 73% of survey participants reported their thrifting raison d’etre was answer B., To save money and/or the planet. The leftover 25% split evenly between answers A. and C., Why not? and Treasures (which includes bad art, trophies that don’t have your name on them, and binders.

Thrifters all, it seems. After seeing these heartening results, and following the passing of the founder of Value Village, my thrifting affinity is refreshed and renewed. I hope yours is, too.

Live the dream, people. Live it up.

And, if you want to share your recent finds, post them in the comments!


2 Responses to “Survey Says…”

  1. Michelle said

    My latest scores have been kitchen paraphernalia: stainless steel mixing bowl, Luminarc working glasses (for 29 cents!), and a funky little cheese knife. For me, thrifting isn’t just about saving money; sometimes it’s the smugness of finding things that are just as good or better than the goods at Sur la Table, et al. It’s a form of retail subterfuge, and I love that.

  2. Michelle: I know what you mean re: the retail subterfuge. Sometimes I’m amazed by what people will give away! Like the chalkware dog I found recently. I mean, come on! Chalkware? Dog? What’s not to like?

    Kitchen booty counts as a doubly great score: not only is it secondhand, but it is functional. (Unlike the aforementioned chalky canine.)

    Good finds. Keep the reports coming!

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