June 19, 2008

I’ve got the hots for scooters, and this girl:

Seattle Daily Photo Scooter girl

I still can’t bear to own a gas-powered vehicle (call it green guilt, if you will), but I do believe that scooters are a more economically and environmentally viable mode of transport for those who don’t live close-by their favorite spots. Scooters get approximately 80 mpg, so riders can fill up more infrequently, and, with one- or two-gallon reservoirs, it’s less than a 10-spot to top off the tank.

Plus, they’re Euro-cute. Anybody out there scootin’ it?

Photo © 2008 Seattle Daily Photo. Give it up for Kim!


10 Responses to “Scoots”

  1. Helen said

    Of course, you could get an electric scooter. Zap ( makes the zapino. Top speed is low — 30 mph — but it’s gas free.

    I love the skirt she’s wearing — so retro Italiano.

  2. Justin The (Scootin') Man said

    I’ve had the hots for a scooter for quite some time, but I can’t quite justify the purchase. I can’t imagine my scooter taking me anywhere that my bike doesn’t already take me. I would just get lazy if I had a scooter. Not having a scooter forces me to provide my own pedal power.

    Doesn’t mean I don’t envy me an old-school vespa every so often.

  3. A scooter is basically my dream vehicle. That woman looks amazing–scooter and heels??? And thanks for letting me know I was w_remixer of the week–that’s a first! Very cool.

  4. Helen: The fashion got me as much (if not more than) the scooter, too. Those heels are uber-sexy.

    I’m unfamiliar with the Zap scooter — thanks for sharing. I’ll have to check it out.

    Scootin’ Man: Roger that. They are so cool, though. Really, much cooler than a bike (don’t throw anything at me). Unless you’re riding a single-gear, old-school Schwinn and you’re a breezy Parisian, you can’t look as nonchalant and Euro as you can on a scooter. Just not possible.

    CH: Scooter and heels, yes! I was so amazed. And congrats on your mention at bits and bobbins!

  5. Scooters CAN BE a menace, but so can cyclists and drivers and pedestrians with lots of dogs. Capice?

    I still hold that scooters are far and away cooler than bikes, looks-wise. For serious.

  6. Jessica said

    i LOVE my scooter! It’s an old Honda Spree, turquoise blue, tops out at 50km/hour, and is the cutest thing i own. When i was in college, a few of my friends also had scooters and we thought it would be a kick to form a ‘scooter gang’. Henceforth, we were the BarraScootahs :)
    the BarraScootah's

  7. Great photo, Jessica. You and your peeps look tuff.

    I so want a scooter. Oh man. My willpower is wearing thin.

  8. […] who live in suburban or rural communities. In those cases, however, bikes are an option, as are scooters, which use far less petroleum than […]

  9. […] I still want one, preferably this one that’s on the way to my neighborhood Farmers Market, even though it isn’t for sale, and even though I’d be a chickeny driver, and even though I’d be using up oil to buzz myself all around the town. […]

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