Tiny House Tuesday: Revolution 9

June 24, 2008

Nine Tiny Feet

WHO: Michael Janzen

WHERE: California’s Sacramento Valley

WHAT: A nine-square-foot house on wheels. I’m not kidding.

SIZE: See above. I’m not kidding.

Move over, Jay Shafer. Here comes Michael Janzen.

Michael Janzen is taking small to a new level with his nine-square-foot, portable home. The idea came to Janzen in a dream-vision; he’d been thinking about how much space a human truly needs. (Very meta.) He landed on nine square feet — he’s six feet tall, and, at his broadest point, two feet wide — and set out to create a livable space (toilet included) that took up a tiny niner. His reasoning:

…to show people how small, small can be. I’m beginning to develop a theory that nine square feet is all we really need and that every square foot after that is for added comfort, vanity, or people.


It’s worth noting that Janzen isn’t counting the nine-square-foot sleeping loft in his calculation. According to him, that square footage isn’t typically counted. (So is that vanity or comfort? Extra people?) Read more about the project at Nine Tiny Feet.

Oh, and he plans to build the Nine Tiny Feet house only after he finishes constructing a 90-square-foot house for free. Salvage, people. 100% salvage. More at Tiny Free House.

Round of applause for Kent at the Tiny House Blog (one of my favorites) for blogging this first.

8 Responses to “Tiny House Tuesday: Revolution 9”

  1. Grant Wagner said

    I loved this when I first found it. However, I can’t help but let my mind wonder at the statement “It’s worth noting that Janzen isn’t counting the nine-square-foot sleeping loft in his calculation. According to him, that square footage isn’t typically counted.”

    Does this mean, that I can have a 5000 sq ft home, which sits on a small four square foot elevator shaft, can I label it as a 4 square foot shaft? If I then sell it, can I advertise it as the “most expensive home per unit of size”? I love being silly like this!

  2. I’m not sure. But, per Janzen’s calculation, I suppose you could do just that. I’m guessing the square footage applies to the footprint, right?

    All I know is that the square footage of my tiny house includes the 100-square-foot sleeping loft. Could it be that the selling agent wanted to beef up the size in the ad?

  3. Grant Wagner said

    Of course s/he did. That’s what they do. I’m surprised that they didn’t add the decks when we bought our house. To be honest, I’m not sure they didn’t :D

  4. Hi! Floor space with ceilings lower than five feet are not included in square footage calculations because building codes and many cities deem it ‘unusable floor space’. Bay windows are also usually not included. Lofts and rooms under steep pitched roofs often have floor space under five feet that won’t be included in the official square footage for tax or other appraisal calculations. So it you build a really short house it could theoretically be zero square feet. :-)

    And thanks for blogging on my project, Nine Tiny Feet!

  5. Michael: Thanks for the clarification. A nil-square-foot house would be a real feat.

    How is the project coming, by the way?

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