Searching Small

June 27, 2008

Flights of fancy for a Friday in June: Givin’ a little love to the Small search engine terms that have turned up Living Small. I must admit that, amid the hundreds of searches for legit things like “living small” and “tiny house” and “global warming diagram,” there are a few that make me glad to be searchable via the World Wide Web.

  1. Laura Ingalls Wilder. Mentioned her killer sod house once; now at least one search per day drives some unsuspecting kid-literati to my Small online doorstep. Bless you, Laura Ingalls, and your awesome underground digs.
  2. Thrift Store. My life’s goal (well, aside from ghost writing Axl Rose’s autobiography) is to be indelibly associated in the minds of all with thrifting. I’m halfway there. Thank you, Internet.
  3. Bag End. It blows my mind, too, given the wealth of Lord of the Rings fansites that are floating around in the cyber-ether. (Really: don’t Middle Earth people and the Internet go hand in hand, like Faramir and Eowyn?) Nevertheless, this bloggie has risen to the challenge. Kind of like that sword. Narsil. Not that I know anything about Lord of the Rings.
  4. Warwick Davis. This is not a joke. Fifty individuals have typed that excellent fellow’s name into their respective search engines, and good old Living Small reported for duty. And, with any luck, one of those half-hundred was Warwick D. himself. (W: If you’re reading this, please know that your starring roles in both Willow and the Leprechaun series have made me a greater person.)

Yo, blog buddies: What search engine terms have made your day?


8 Responses to “Searching Small”

  1. Tea said

    Most of mine are food related and reasonable but my classics are these:

    “anal retentive compulsively organized”
    -not if you saw my house at the moment!

    “first time sex at the Russian River”
    -how on earth did that get to me?

  2. Justin The ("What the Hell Happened to Lycos?") Man said

    And now, if you’re lucky, Living Small will get some traffic from “Axl Rose” searches…

  3. Haha, Tea! Those are awesome. Keep them for the scrapbook.

    Yes! That’s the goal, JW.

  4. Emily said

    My favorite repeat repeat search engine term is “shiny things”. I can now pronounce my life to be a smashing success! :-D

  5. Shiny, shiny things. Great to turn up with that search.

    One of my favorite shiny things: a disco ball. How about you, Emily?

  6. Emily said

    Ooooooh, disco balls… my daughter forbade disco balls in the living room, so now that I’m trying to psych myself up to do my bedroom I plan to take full advantage of every wackadoodle idea she previously shot down.

    It will be the acme of all things shiny. I’m wondering if I can have my whole room chromed, just to spite her!

  7. I love that idea. Mirrored room, all the time. It would be a great place for reflecting. (Not funny, I know.)

  8. […] for more pics and philosophies. And grab a copy of The Ewok Adventure while you’re at it. Warwick Davis as a furry humanoid living in an proto-OPR sphere? Boss. Posted by livingsmall Filed in […]

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