July 1, 2008

My back porch

Here’s a new word for your dictionaries: staycation, a portmanteau of “stay” and “vacation,” which I discovered via The Daily Score.

The Score’s take: With the price of gas topping $4/gallon (and with airlines feeling the petrol crunch, too), the summer stay-cay could well be the wave of the future.

As a card-carrying homebody, I love a good back-porch vacation (see said back porch, above). It gives me time to explore my immediate surroundings, it’s free, and it’s much easier on the planet than zipping a Zipcar or taking a flight. Plus, I don’t have to sleep on a lumpy hotel pillow.

Would you take a staycation?


4 Responses to “Staycation”

  1. Penny said

    that is one beautiful photo. It looks so peaceful with that wisteria (it is wisteria isn’t it?)

  2. Thanks, Penny. It is wisteria, and it is peaceful. We love spending time there, especially in the morning, before the rest of the city wakes up.

  3. […] the staycation phenomenon I mentioned last week? Well, the Independence Day weekend brought some staycating to the […]

  4. […] marks year four in the Living Small Marriage, and we’re taking a little staycation to celebrate. Friday Harbor, here we come. Posting shall resume on August 19 with another […]

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