So-Called Localism

July 15, 2008

Looks like Yelp has got some competition with Localism, a “hyper-local” Seattle real estate blog, or, self-proclaimed “world’s most complete neighborpedia” (whatever that means) — which I discovered via Seattle Bubble. Run by ActiveRain, a online realtor community, and authored by Seattle realtors, Localism feathers the neighborhood nests for real estate salespeople who want to paint an all-inclusive picture of a home and its environs. A good plan, I suppose, given that sinking hundreds of thousands of $$ into a house (and, by extension, its surroundings) is kind of a big deal.

As a bona fide neighborhood news junkie, I was intrigued by Localism’s claim that they held all the cards for every ‘hood. My first bat with their gigantic neighborhood search tool: my own stomping grounds, Central District, Seattle. Results: Big Fat Zero. It confounded their search. What a rip! says I.

Second, I searched for Capitol Hill (swank and hip, right?). And, naturally, the search yielded results. About real estate. No neighborhood news, no “localism” to speak of. What gives, ActiveRain? Is this a clever scheme to sell properties? Is it altruistic in the slightest? I’m disillusioned.

Looks like I’ll be sticking to the Central District News. Go, CD.

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One Response to “So-Called Localism”

  1. Well, I’ll be dipped. I typed in CD at Localism today, and, lo and behold: results! Maybe the agents read Living Small…

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