Put a cork in it — the recycling bin, that is.

July 17, 2008

Ever wondered what to do with all of your leftover wine corks? After designating some as cat toys, others as pinch-hit trivets corralled by dryer-hose rings, we Living Smallers still have jars and jars of corks. (Yes, we like wine.)

Corks no more, says Janel at Apartment Therapy, who blogged Missouri-based non-profit Yemm & Hart’s wine cork recycling program just today.

Here’s how it works: Box up your corks. (Real cork, not plastic-infused.) Send to:

Wine Cork Recycling
Yemm & Hart, Ltd.
610 South Chamber Dr.
Fredericktown. MO 63645

Yemm & Hart will then recycle the corks into cork tiles. See?

Another green reason to start drinking. Wino style, here I come.


5 Responses to “Put a cork in it — the recycling bin, that is.”

  1. Charlotte K said

    I’ve been putting them in the compost bin. Is there any reason not to? I never thought about their having been dangerously processed, but maybe they are!?! Anyway they must be breaking down because my compost isn’t full of them.

  2. Charlotte: I think they will compost, yes, but I, too, am not sure about what chemicals were used to create them. Probably none, but you might want to check.

  3. Grant said

    According to http://jaam.powweb.com//index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=27&Itemid=25, cork makes for good shower flooring, with mildew and mold inhibiting qualities and excellent traction. It would make for a great use for those cork tiles.

    On a side note, why not just skip the reprcessing plant, and start stacking your corks in a frame. I don’t remember where I first saw it, but apparently wine corks are exactly twice as long as they are wide, and if you put two of them side by side, it makes a perfect square. It would make for a very interesting shower mat. I unfortunately never really got a chance to try it though, not being a big wine fan myself.

    Would make for a fun evening project though, if you have the corks available.

  4. I’m surprised that it doesn’t mildew. Seems like anything soggy would get a little fuzzy.

    Cool idea with the shower mat, too. Thanks for suggesting it!

  5. Robin said

    Cool idea. We used to collect wine cork and our objective is to increase the wine cork recycling by collecting your corks and donating money to help preserve the Earth.Visit http://www.corkclub.com

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